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  1. When Im not at my workshop using my industrial machines i enjoy cosy nights in catching up on the soaps whilst hand sewing fabric art and framing them in hooplas!

    I sometimes start off with my fabric and threads and just start playing around, doing it this way doesnt always work but when I feel it does I love it and keep looking at it with a smile on my face as it takes so much time and so much love goes into each stitch. As i have been developing my hand sewing style I have been planning what I am going to sew. I do this by starting with some pictures I have collected from magazines stick them in a scrapbook and doodle next to them ideas, its like a thought storm of doodles. The pictures could be anything from a field of flowers to a china tea pot, basically anything that I like and find inspiring.

    Heres one I made for my amazing Mum for Mothers Day. Dont know about you but I love homemade gifts, they always seem like they come from the heart.

    fabric art...mothers

    I surrounded the words with fabric corsages made using some beautiful Liberty fabrics and then finished off with odd little cute buttons.

    Heres one I started without any idea of what I was going to do. I made it for my daughters room and Im not so sure it works but she loves it and it hangs on her bedroom wall.

    fabric art.....laila

    Not the best picture by far and since this picture I used loads of buttons to fill in all the background that was showing through.

    I absolutely love using vintage linens, lace, odd buttons, pretty liberty fabrics and combining them all together with lovely heart felt quotes to create an indivial picture to hang around the home.

    fabric art....corsage

    I have hosted one workshop so far doing fabric art hooplas like this and I recieved a lovely response from the people who attended.

    My future aim is to do more of this style work to sell in my online shop and more workshops to teach people how to create there this space!