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    Sew this is my first blog! I'm not a writer by any means I'm a seamstress, always have been always will be! After reading some information on 'How to write a blog, how to make your blog stand out... and many others similar articles Iv decided to just go for it.

    Since leaving secondary school 14 years ago I feel like my further education and employment have been all leading up to this exciting chapter in my life - self employment! yay! My aim is to use all the experience, knowledge, contacts and inspiration I have gathered in that time and build my own sewing empire to share and spread my love for sewing and hopefully inspire others to sew and create to.

    Im currently working from an old static caravan in my Mum and Bernards garden. A few years ago whilst working as a bar maid I heard someone was wanting to get rid of it as they were selling their business and it needed moving out of their yard! I overheard this conversation and of course butted in! After a quick conversation the caravan was mine. It needed a clean, a coat of paint and new carpets and I was in love, oh and Bernard connected electric and water for the toilet (the things I have no clue about, but the most important)! The space was amazing and as their garden was surrounded by fields the views were amazing to. The Main bedroom is my workroom where my iron and sewing machines are, the second bedroom is soon going to become the pattern cutting room (as I have found an amazing pattern cutting table from Ikea) and the sitting room would be a great place for a craft group/ sewing party but for now a space to enjoy with the children where they can play and craft. Hopefully in the future I will be able to host 'Pop up' sewing days alongside my Mum doing 'Pop Up' Tea shops, I think this would be an amazing combo and would work really well aslong as we could guranetee a little bit of sunshine this summer, so fingers crossed. The caravan is great and I am very lucky that my Mum and Bernard have the space for it and that Bernard is a handy man and things that need fixing or improving he's straight there doing it for me and that my Mum is always on hand to keep me fed and watered and helps with the children. I bet your thinking 'WOW she is so lucky, if only we all had a Mum and Bernard to help us when starting up...maybe I could rent them out! Then again maybe I'll keep them all for myself for now.

    What do I dream for my business??? Well this is the most exciting question and answer in my life right now. I dream of building a sewing empire, where sewing takes over the world! On a serious note imagine an old building /warehouse type setting you walk in and ray charles in playing softly in the background and you can see walls of fabric and haberdashery supplys all vintage inspired of course! You walk abit further and there are spaces filled with textile designers work that they are selling, mixed among vintage enthusiasts pieces that are also for sale. Then the smell of home baked cakes attracts you towards a quirky tea shop with bunting and paper lanterns hanging, hand embroided tables clothes with cottage flowers in odd little vases looking beautiful. The tea is served in china cups and saucers along side oversized portions of cake and people sat round crocheting and knitting casually as if it was second nature to drink tea and knit. Sounds yummy doesnt it?! There would be rooms for different workshops to run on a daily basis by specialists in jewellery, textiles and woodwork and anthing else that lets people be express themselves and create their own mini masterpieces! And of course there would be my sewing workshop, decorated all pretty with sewing machines and customers work in progress for all to see.... doesnt this all sound dreamy...well its my dream and I will get there one day but to start with I'm in my trusty caravan the first chapter of my dream!