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  1. So for those of you who dont know I recently went full time with business AND opened a lovely new head step closer to achieving my dreams.

    Its November now and i opened my doors at The Sewing Ward's HQ on septemeber 5th welcoming in lots of lovely people for my grand opening week. This was just a chance to show people where I was as, Im a little tucked away, what I do and what my plans and dreams are!

    Aswell as the support from family, friends and customers I also got some local press coverage which has been brilliant and resulted in new customers and lovely people wishing me well, which is always nice.d&s workshop

    This article was printed in The Darlington & Stockton Times and The Northern Echo . With my favourite headline been on the online D&S

    'Self Confessed Sewing Geek Transforms Cow Shed Near Northallerton Into Sewing Haven'

    I find it quite hard to read anything about myself but that headline makes me smile so much, I am a sewing geek and have been since I can remember. So to see it as a headline is truly brilliant.

    This is the next stepping stone on my journey, thank you for been here with me and I hope we meet soon.