Hoopla Kit - Crochet Edge

Hoopla Embroidery Kit

If you have bought a hoopla embroidery kit from The Sewing Ward and you would like to create a crocheted edge around it then here are the step by step instructions you will need.

Choosing your wool; for this I have used a colour that compliments the embroidery thread colour but a contrasting colour will also work nicely, its all down to personal taste. I have used a double knit wool and a size 4 crochet hook. 
Start with a slip knot onto your crochet hook.
Have your crochet hook at the front of the hoop with the wool going through the centre of the hoop to the ball of wool to the back.
Left Handed                                                                                                                                        Right Handed
A few tips ; On the 1st row make sure you cannot see the hoop through the wool but also don't make to many stitches as the 2nd row will be harder to do.

Its quite hard to crochet at the top near the screw - so don't! Crochet just before or after (depending if your starting or finishing) and then with your fingers wriggly the crocheted stitches along to cover the metal bit on the hoop and place the 2nd row frill in front of the screw.

When you fasten the last stitch off tie the 2 pieces of leftover yarn into a tight knot, these will then be hidden at the back of the work.